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The IDS Controller will Automatically set your drive mode to the Individual/Sport* Setting at each startup. Both modes will allow you to turn OFF the idle stop system and Individual mode will also allow you set many other customized settings for Steering, Interior lighting, Suspension, Etc.


Unfortunately, Your Acura would only allow for Comfort and Normal modes to be saved for each startup. After installing the IDS Controller, You will now be able to start each time in your preferred  mode, Individual or Sport* (choose at time of install)

Save it and keep it the way YOU want it.


The IDS controller will NOT affect normal operation of the IDS system. You are still able to switch drive modes anytime as you would normally through the drive mode knob switch below your radio. The IDS controller will retain your selection (Individual or Sport mode) no matter which mode was last used.


To switch between "saved" startup modes, unit must be removed and reinstalled with jumper on/off depending on startup mode preference.


*Applies to MDX/TLX only

IDS (Drive Mode) Controller Acura 21+ TLX, MDX, 22+ INTEGRA

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Installing your IDS Controller is not a very difficult process. Most mechanically inclined customers can follow our install video without issue and do it themselves. If you do not feel comfortable installing the module yourself, you can always have the installation done by any shop/mechanic of your choosing

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